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Artificial Insemination Turkey-Antalya


IVF works

Normally a woman produces one egg every month.
This egg is released into the fallopian tube where it may be fertilised following sex. The fertilised egg then travels to the womb. If the resulting embryo implants, you will become pregnant.


During IVF, we will stimulate your ovaries to produce a number of eggs. When the eggs are ready, we will collect them from your ovaries using a fine needle. On the same day that your eggs are collected, we will combine the eggs with sperm in our laboratories. The sperm may come from your husband or partner.

We will monitor your eggs closely to confirm whether they fertilise and become embryos. Once fertilisation has taken place,  we will put one or two embryos back into your uterus. This usually takes place either three or five days after the eggs and sperm are combined.  By five days, the embryos have developed into blastocysts.

Remaining, good quality blastocysts may be frozen for future use.

A typical treatment cycle takes approximately seven weeks from when you take the first drug, until your pregnancy test.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Cost - Prices for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF-ICSI) in Turkey Antalya WITHOUT sexing & only for married pair





IVF 3.200 USD
ICSI 3.200 USD
mikro TESE 900 USD

Uterus investigation

180 USD

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (per embryo)

500 USD

Freeze embryos fee

 300 USD

Total stay including all


21 days

Payment is on site

Of juridiction: 28.09.2015  


Included in the price:

(without sexing & only for married pair):

- Screening and counseling

- Laboratory examination

- Treatment costs

- Chief physician treatment

- 21-day stay in a separate

    Apartment with shared kitchen in Antalya

- Physician & anesthesia costs

- Drugs and materials

- follow-up


Price does not include:


Airport transfer, this costs 40 €

Eating at the property

Antalya Airport Transfer:


 Antalya - Flughafen        Beldibi   45 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Belek  25 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Bogazkent   28 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Kemer  50 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Konyaalti     25 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Side - Kumköy         50 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Kundu     20 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Lara     20 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Manavgat      50 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Side  50 €
 Izmir - Flughafen  Izmir - Klinik 25 €
 Izmir - Flughafen  Izmir - Hotel 25 €

You have questions? Then write to us!

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