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Brow Lift Antalya, Alanya & Istanbul in Turkey

Eyes Brow lifts can wipe years of your look by removing that tired, angry or depressed look people often get as they age and the structures of the muscles in the brow change.


In recent years, the surgical approach to the brow lift or forehead lift has been advanced by the endoscope, a special viewing instrument that allows the surgeon to see inside the body through very small incisions.


Endoscopy has been used for many years in other medical specialties for knee cartilage repair, gall bladder removal, and “band-aid” tubal ligation. When the endoscope is applied to cosmetic surgery, very small incisions are needed to perform surgeries that in the past were performed through longer skin incisions such as the brow lift.


Traditionally, a brow lift was performed through an incision in the scalp that ran from ear-to-ear. This procedure, called the “coronal” approach, is still used occasionally. In most cases, however, it has been replaced by the endoscopic brow lift, which is less traumatic and requires a shorter recovery period.



male eyes Many people first notice a tired appearance in the region around their eyes as they approach forty. Others may notice that they appear sad or depressed. Still others may notice that they always appear angry or unhappy. This sad, tired or angry appearance may be the consequence of changes in the structures of the brow or forehead. With the passage of time and under the influence of gravity, the eyebrows descend to a slightly lower position over the eyes. This “crowding” of the tissues around the eyes contributes to a sad or tired look. Over activity of the small muscles between the eyebrows can create vertical frown lines that convey an angry appearance.


The Procedure

The endoscopic brow lift is generally performed as a day patient. It may be combined with other procedures, such as cosmetic eyelid surgery and/or facelift.


After anaesthesia is given, four to six small incisions are placed in the scalp a few inches behind the hairline. These incisions measure less than one half inch in length. Your hair will not be shaved for the surgery. It is simply parted to expose the sites for the small incisions. The endoscope, a small hollow tube equipped with a light and video camera, is inserted into one of the incisions. Miniaturized special endoscopic instruments are inserted through the other incisions. The desired changes are made while anatomy of the forehead and the instruments are viewed on a video monitor. The small muscles between the eyebrows that cause frown lines are altered without compromising the expression of the forehead. The eyebrows are carefully elevated and precisely secured at the slightly higher, more youthful position. Care is taken to avoid a “startled” or “surprised” look, which is undesirable.


A few stitches or staples are placed in the incisions and a bandage is placed over the forehead and scalp. The operation takes a little over one hour.


The Postoperative Period

Most patients described the pain following endoscopic brow lift is as being mild to moderate. Pain medication is prescribed, although this is usually unnecessary after the first day. Sleeping with your head elevated can significantly reduce any discomfort.


There may be mild bruising and swelling which lasts for approximately one week. This can easily be covered with makeup. Most patients return to work and social activities after one week. Strenuous physical exercise is avoided for two to three weeks following an endoscopic brow lift.


Risks and Complications

As with any operation, the endoscopic brow lift has minimal risks and potential complications. However, with highly trained doctors and nurses making up the surgical team, complications are extremely rare. Like all surgery, the risk of bleeding, infection, scarring or an anaesthetic problem is present. The risks and complications specific to an endoscopic brow lift, however, are probably less than with the conventional coronal technique. The possibility of hair loss near the incision is significantly reduced with the tiny incisions used in the endoscopic technique. Numbness caused by injury to the sensory nerves is also unlikely. And, injury to the motor nerves that move the forehead is extremely rare with either technique. Rarely, if the doctor deems it necessary, he must convert the endoscopic approach to the conventional technique during surgery.



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Why work with us in Turkey.

- Because we provide you with a translator available
- Because we provide you with a cell phone available
- Because you can reach our team, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
- Because you are in good hands with us through the intensive care
- Because the private clinics and private hospitals with which we in the
   Turkey, Antalya cooperate according to ISO 9001 Quality, and many
  TV & Press reports also confirm the quality.
- Because English language during your stay in the clinic
   Care staff to you
- Because we own a free transfer service - Airport - Hotel &
   Offer hospital and back to Antalya -. Hotel - doctor
   (Within up to 15 km from the hotel to the clinic).
- Because we work with several specialist doctors and clinics in Turkey
- Because we according to you and possible accompanying crew the entire trip
   Book and organize your needs
- Because we stand on all issues and answer questions
- Because we'll short-term appointments and senior chief physician - treatment
   can offer
- Because the consultation and mediation is free for you as a customer.
   The travel and treatment costs are at your expense.
- Because we also after treatment with any questions at your disposal


Cosmetic surgeon can only call the doctor in Turkey, which has also earned the title through an education.

The respective physician needs trained as surgeons have made and have min. Practice 5 years. Then he can do another training for plastic & reconstructive surgery, which in turn only selected and a limited number will be offered to surgeons.

Because the title "plastic surgeon" is an official of the General Medical Council
awarded after at least 5 years of training Specialist title.

Cosmetic surgery is a question of trust.
Trust the highly skilled and highly experienced team - as many patients from Turkey and Europe in front of you.

Our service is different to the other agencies in that always someone from the agency on the spot, which takes over the personal care on site. We are personally from arrival to departure in Antalya - Turkey aside and ensure that it will not go wanting. The positive feedback shows us that it is the patient's particularly important that you be left in Antalya not alone, as is the case with many other agencies.

We have worked hard to ensure the best possible care to our patients. That is why we only work with specialists in Turkey.

We will arrange appointments for you and organize your stay.

The selection of the appropriate hospital depends on the type of surgery.


Why Turkey?

Save up to 70% compared to an operation in England.

The private clinics in Turkey

• All private clinics and private hospitals with which we in the
  Collaborate Turkey are ISO 9001 certified.
• approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health and approved, fitted
   with outstanding technological device that the highest
   medical requirements worldwide correspond.
• convenience of a five star hotel with luxurious rooms
• recognized member of many international professional associations and
   Organizations, highly qualified doctors with international experience &
   certified training.
• The hospital staff is friendly, highly motivated and in all subject areas
    intensively educated and trained.
• There you will find a pleasant atmosphere and a loving atmosphere, in
   you will feel comfortable.
• You can feel at home, because we speak English.
• You can reach Antalya from most places in Europe with direct flights
   in the shortest possible time.
• The price level is compared to other European countries very
   low and you have thereby an optimal price-performance ratio.
• You can surf for free via WLAN.

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Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +90 553 437 1780
E-Mail: admin@medical-travel-service.com
Homepage: https://www.medical-travel-service.com


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