3.500 €, cost Laparoscopic Stomach Reduction Sleeve Gastrectomy Abroad, Turkey,
3.000 €, costs gastric balloon including removal (brand Medsil) for 6 months abroad Turkey 
3.500 €, costs gastric balloon including removal (brand Spatz) for 12 months abroad Antalya
5.000 €, costs Gastric Bypass, Mini Bypass, Omega loop, Foreign, Turkey, Antalya
6.000 €, Bipartition Bypass Diabetis Surgery Diabetis Opposite Abroad, Turkey, Antalya
6.000 €, Roux en Y Bypass Diabetis Opposite Foreign, Turkey, Antalya
8.000 €, duodenal switch gastric bypass Diabetis Opposite cost Turkey Antalya
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Only for a short time:
laparoscopic gastric reduction costs in Antalya: 3.500 € instead of 6.000 €

Offer for Antalya. We have lowered several operations in the price!
More detailed information can be found here:    medical-travel-service.com

Cost / Price: Stomach surgery, Turkey, Antalya


Minimum stay







Gastric Band Surgery
will be from medicine
Reasons are no longer recommended
and therefore will be in Turkey
not done anymore.
Medsil gastric balloon for 6 months
including removal after 6 months
1 3.000 €
Spatz gastric balloon for 12 months
including removal after 12 months
1 3.500 €
Gastrectomy, Stomach reduction
(Sleeve Gastrektomie)
(bariatric surgery)
10 3.500 €
Gastric Bypass
(Mini Bypass, Omega loop)
(Metabolic surgery)
10 5.000 €


Bipartition Bypass
(Metabolic surgery)
10  6.000 €
Roux en Y Bypass
(Metabolic surgery)
10  6.000 €
Duodenal Switch
Metabolic surgery)
10 8.000 €





Airport transfer:   No

Hotel transfer:
Hotel - Hospital & back,
for all investigations
& the operation, in the vicinity of
15 KM from the private clinic

Medicines after the
discharge from the clinic

Revision costs are
depending on the
doctor & clinic

  ca.1.200 €


Prices shown are cash prices. 
If you wish to pay by
 credit card, additional charges apply.



The price includes: 
- Preliminary investigation & Consulting 
- Laboratory testing
- Operational costs 
- Chefarzt treatment 
- Hospitalization incl meals. 
- Medical & anesthesia costs 
- Medicines and materials in the clinic 
- follow-up 
- Transfer: Hotel - hospital and back, for all investigations and surgery, 
    within 15 KM of the private clinic in Antalya, Manavgat & Istanbul 


The price does not include: 
- Flights & Hotel Stay 
- Airport Shuttle 
- Medicines after discharge from the hospital 

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Offer for Antalya. We have lowered several operations in the price!
More detailed information can be found here:    medical-travel-service.com

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