Cost - Prices for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF-ICSI) in

Turkey Antalya WITHOUT sexing & only for married pair



The prices shown are cash prices.

Unfortunately, payment by credit card is  NOT  possible in the clinic.




IVF 3.200 USD
ICSI 3.200 USD
mikro TESE 900 USD

Uterus investigation

180 USD

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis 
(per embryo)

500 USD

Freeze embryos fee

 300 USD
Second attempt, 
when Embryons are frozen
1.250 USD

Total stay including all


14-21 days
2nd stay
(this increases the 
chance by 10 %)
 2 day

Payment is on site



The prices shown are cash prices.

Unfortunately, payment by credit card is  NOT  possible in the clinic.



Included in the price:

(without sexing & only for married pair)


- Screening and counseling

- Laboratory examination

- Treatment costs

- Chief physician treatment

- 21-day stay in a separate

    Apartment with shared kitchen in Antalya

- Physician & anesthesia costs

- Drugs and materials

- follow-up


Price does not include:

 - Flights

 - medicines (tablets about 10 Euro)

 - Airport transfer, this costs 40 €

 - Eating at the property

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Mobile Phone & WhatsApp: +90 553 437 1780


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